FTF recap for Outlander series viewing

Chris H:
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, was the Modern Masters selection for February.  It was very well received
and it was decided to follow-up the book with the Starz series.  We showed some of the first season of
the Starz tie-in television show. We showed Outlander: An Epic Adaptation, followed by the first episode
from the first season, Sassenach - this premier episode of the series that showed how Claire went from
Scotland in 1945 back to 1743.  We then went into some extras: the wardrobe used for the show, the
weaving and fabrics, then ended with a gag reel.  Everyone attending enjoyed what they saw, definitely
interested in seeing more of the series, now in it's third year. Nice event.
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FTF recap of author Hunter Shea

Our guest, author Hunter Shea, was excellent!  We had a great turnout for our guest who entertained
the room with stories about his start in getting published, some funny family anecdotes, what he's
currently working on and what else will be coming up.  He discussed how he researches - be careful
where you walk in the Pine Barrens!  We learned about his new series based on those old comic books
ads for sea monkeys and x-ray glasses.  I'm sure they'll have the unique Hunter Shea spin.  Hunter was
animated, very funny and gave us a lively interactive discussion.  Questions were welcomed and
answered with thoughtful, helpful responses.  The audience couldn't get enough and we kept him talking
almost the entire night.  The night was informal, comfortable and relaxed.  There were plenty of snacks,
attendees sat chatting with one another and our guest both before and after the presentation.  Great
time, great guest!