Kenneth Eng -- January 13, 2007
About Kenneth Eng

Kenneth C. Eng is the youngest published science fiction novelist in America. He has written the
Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, The 0th Dimension and Reincarnation. His work has
been published in
Philosophy Today, Bewildering Stories Science Fiction Magazine,, Newsday and a few minor magazines. Formerly, he worked at Marvel Comics,
Paramount Pictures and Crossroads Films. Graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Presently
22 years of age.
Post Meeting Write-up

Face the Fiction met last night for the presentation of author Kenneth Eng.  As Taras so eloquently
put it - our guest speaker was a man of few words.  Topics discussed ranged from
- Eng's latest book due for release in March, Eng's background, education and inspirations and
controversial statements.  This, of course, all took place without our scheduled guest, who wound
up not being able to make it.  We think he may still be trying to figure out the mass transit map!

Seriously though - a great time was had by all attendees and we barely noticed the lack of a
speaker.  In fact, by 8:30, we were so engrossed in various conversations; if he had shown up we
probably would have asked him to wait until we finished.  Steve and Jim Spinosa arrived early and
had everything set up, complete with printouts of the calendar and color handouts about Kenneth
Eng placed on every seat!  Aubrey finally joined us at a Face the Fiction meeting; this is always a
nice bonus.  Thomas Purdy aka "everything is his fault" also was able to join us.  We were also
VERY lucky to have Taras join us.  Poor Todd was home sick - we were kinda well-behaved
without him - except for Denker made a surprise visit - we were all very happy to
see her.  If I forgot your name - sorry, blame Tom, I was missed - we wish her a
speedy recovery on her knee surgery.  You too Todd! Get better - you need to be in good health for
Tuesday's meeting about Jim Butcher.  We can't harass with as much vigor if you're sick - well, ok,
we could, but it would be wrong. (anyone get that reference?  Let’s see how good you guys are.  
it's obscure and challenging - who'll get it?  Who said it?  Clue - tv, female, genre show).

At 8:10 or so, when our guest hadn't yet arrived, Steve very graciously passed out the hand-outs I
had provided about our next month's guest Paul Levinson.  We discussed the author and his
latest book,
The Plot to Save Socrates.  We discussed other upcoming speakers, last week's
Drawing a Crowd meeting and the homework assignment for next month from that group.  Further
discussion of comics, characters and the like then stemmed from this.  What people are watching
on TV came next, as did recently viewed movies.  Taras had us laughing with his review of
Children of Men ("At the halfway point, amazingly bad in all respects”. He sent this in the middle of
the movie!). Some debate between Taras and Bill regarding this movie was fun to observe.  
Taras, as usual, had his own unique spin delivered in his delightfully droll manner.  We hung out
until 9 (when hunger made me look at the time), cleaned up, and headed over to the diner where
we continued talking about any and everything.  When I jokingly said we'd hunt the speaker down,
Tom P replied, "we don't come for the speaker, do we?" - which kind of sums things up nicely.  We
were having such a nice time; we didn't even notice he was missing.  It was well after midnight
when we finally dragged ourselves out of the diner, only to continue chatting in the parking lot.

Join us next month for author
Paul Levinson.  His book The Plot to Save Socrates is in its third
printing.  This guest was recommended by Bill Wagner who spoke to Mr. Levinson at a
convention. (AMB)

Actually the color handout with the bio & works of Kenneth Eng was Gene McGrath's doing. I
wouldn't want to take credit for other people's work (unlike the previous, but
the calendars & chair set-up were my doing. At 7:00 pm, I began the free form pre-meeting
discussion on Favorite films of 2006. The consensus of those in attendance was there were a
dearth of quality films released this year, yet those who spoke had favorites to discuss. Gene
Little Miss Sunshine, Brian liked Night At The Museum as well as The Spoken Power of
, Aubrey liked The Covenant, The Queen, The Devil Wears Prada, and Eragon (among
Pirates of the Caribbean was also discussed. Kate's favorite of the year was Mirror Mask
(available thru Netflix)and
Apocalypto was also mentioned. I mentioned that Cars was my favorite
theatrical release of 2006, but I also liked
Rocky Balboa. We also discussed films that didn't
work, like
Dr. Doolittle 3 (why, lord,why?) Posiedon, & X-Men III. The recent favorite of Bill Wagner,
our "Influential Director of Quality Control" was
Children of Man, which Kate found derivative.
Shortly afterwards, we began discussing the works of our absent guest speaker Kenneth Eng,
who apparently couldn't get out of the city, but we plunged on regardless talking about next
month's speaker Paul Levinson (who has been a two-time guest of the previous administration
led by [ahem]) and other sundry topics until it was time put the chairs away & head to the
Suburban Diner where the fun continued until after midnight. See y'all next time (or else)! (SS)